Social Security numbers and HIPPA

It is generally understood that Social Security numbers are considered private information. However, there are many more identifiers that are considered to be covered under the Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act.  Representative Payee’s are covered under this law. Some of the other identifiers covered include:

  • Full or last name and initial
  • Addresses, including e-mail
  • Phone numbers
  • Account numbers
  • Vehicle identifiers
  • And several more identifiers

The HIPPA Security Rule requires covered entities of which Representative Payee’s are considered to protect against reasonably anticipated threats to the security of Personal Health Information. Representative Payee organizations routinely collaborate with and coordinate client issues with a variety of health and social service agencies. It is advisable that the payee organizations enter into a ‘business associate’ contract with the agencies they interact with and then insure that the organization implements and follows the physical, technical and administrative safeguards to be implemented.


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