Social Security Administration and HR 4547

Strengthening protections for Social Security Beneficiaries Act of 2018

The law requires that the Commissioner of the Social Security Administration make annual grants in the amount of no less than $25,000,000 directly to the State Protection and Advisory groups. The law allows State P&As to:

    • Conduct all periodic onsite reviews and additional discretionary reviews
    • Develop corrective action plans
    • Submit review reports to SSA; and
    • Conduct initial onsite assessments of fee-for-service organizations

 As organizational representative payees it is important to remember that the SSA appoints us as payees to provide, in our best professional judgment for the beneficiaries basic needs of food, shelter and clothing.  Advocacy groups primary mission is to advocate for beneficiaries wants and desires. At times needs and desires conflict.

As an organizational payee, when you are advised of a pending review contact the association immediately for guidance.

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