Looking at the starfish on our home page serves as a reminder of the story of the man walking along a beach and seeing a young boy picking up starfish and throwing them back into the sea. The man asked the boy what he was doing. The boy replied that the hot sun would kill the starfish, so he was saving them. The man laughed and said, “There are hundreds of starfish on the beach, you can’t save them all!!” The boy responded, as he picked up another starfish and tossed it into the sea, “You are right, but I saved that one.”

Our organization started as an informal group of a few Representative Payee agencies in the Spring 2013. We were faced with the issue of the SSA POMS GN 00506.105 requirement as unworkable and inoperable. The unintended consequence of the requirement was it  removed comprehensive fidelity insurance protection from client trust funds and mandated inferior and operationally dangerous Surety Bond coverage. Absent a change in the SSA requirement, organizational representative payees across the country may have been disqualified from serving their disabled clients. The SSA  responded to the expressions of concern from the group, who now make up the initial  members of NAORP, by making practical common sense changes to the policy while maintaining the need for comprehensive insurance. The SSA and modifications to their POMS guideline was made in August 2014. Look at the details concerning these issues on Archives of the Resources Tab.

In 2014 the National Association of Organizational Representative Payees become a 501 c (6) organization, founded by a group of similar business organizations. Now we have dozens of members across the entire country and conduct monthly telephone conference calls to deal with various industry issues and concerns. The NAORP, like the boy on the beach, can help organizational representative payee agencies help their disabled clients one at a time.

This website is used as a means of facilitating discussions about issues of concern to its members, to conduct meetings and training, develop best practices and serve as a resource to the SSA and other funding agencies.